Moroccan Teapot

Ancient Moroccan Teapot

Ancient Moroccan Teapot

Magnificent Moroccan teapot, in engraved metal. This Moroccan teapot is very old, and dates from the middle of the last century. She belonged to a Berber tribal family from the Moroccan Sahara. We have restored this teapot, while keeping its original character. We have taken great care in restoring this historic piece not to alter anything from it story.
Moroccan teapot Medium

Moroccan Teapot Medium

Medium sized Moroccan teapot for 6 to 8 tea glasses. tea service and utensils for Moroccan tea
Moroccan Teapot With Feet

Moroccan Teapot With Feet

Beautiful Moroccan teapot with feet. Ideal for enjoying a little Moroccan tea at home, on your sofa, or with friends. Perfectly sized to be stored anywhere, this teapot will certainly remind you of your warm nights in Marrakech, Morocco, or bring you some Moroccan warmth.
Moroccan Teapot XL

Moroccan Teapot XL

Magnificent Moroccan teapot with feet, with a large capacity, for a nice sharing between family or friends. The patterns are made by hand. Ideal for wowing your guests and preparing Moroccan mint tea for them like at the "Djemaa Elfna" square in Marrakech. To complete your Moroccan teapot, think of decorated tea glasses.
Moroccan Transparent Teapot

Moroccan Transparent Teapot

Magnificent large Moroccan teapot in transparent glass for all your Moroccan tea preparations with mint. Article with an elegant design, to welcome your guests, and especially to impress them around a Moroccan tea. The advantage of this teapot is that it is possible to see the contents, namely mint and green tea. It is a design and elegant teapot.

Moroccan teapot: a symbol in Morocco and elsewhere

Importance of tea in Moroccan gastronomy

It is not possible to visit Moroccans without being entitled to a glass of Moroccan mint tea. Tea is THE symbol of generosity and Moroccan hospitality.

The Moroccan teapot is present in all Moroccan homes. He is the star of the Moroccan table, and of the Moroccan tea service in particular.

It has been scientifically proven that tea is an excellent digestive. It is perhaps not only for this reason that Moroccans spend time enjoying tea after each meal. But tea is not to be consumed only after the meal, but also at breakfast, or in the afternoon during social chats. There is no need for an excuse to enjoy a good Moroccan mint tea.

Different types of teapots

The classic teapot is the metal one, often made in the city of Fez, known for its metal work. The metal teapots have the advantage of being usable on all types of plates: gas, vitro-ceramic and even induction. Nowadays, there are also more and more transparent glass teapots, very chic for serving tea, while showing the colorful content of the Moroccan teapot.

Several people are also looking for restored old teapots, the price of which remains high, but which have the advantage of being massive in metal, which gives them a great advantage for the quality of the tea prepared. If you are looking for an old Moroccan teapot, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to serve you.