Man Moroccan Slippers

Why Babouche-Maroc' Men's Slippers Are Unique?

Moroccan Babouche slippers of Babouche-Maroc are entirely handmade from genuine leather. Our Moroccan slippers babouches offering includes stylish plain and colourful moroccan slippers, pointed tip and berber round moroccan slippers for men. We ship worldwide, order now, and you can enjoy your moroccan slippers from Marrakesh within 2 to 3 days.

Men's moroccan slippers by Babouche-Maroc? 

Moroccan slippers for men from Babouche Maroc are trendy, because they are handcrafted in our workshop in Marrakech. These slippers are made by excellent leather craftsmen.

There is no style of leather slippers specifically intended for men and not for women. Moroccan slippers can be unisex. Therefore, men's slippers can be pointed, round, rather mules or with straps, in soft leather or in thicker calfskin, with a thick sole or with a thin leather sole, there is plenty of slippers models to choose from, and the main thing is that they are comfortable like moccasins.

You will also find in this shop a wide choice of colors, because in Morocco, we love colors! Our favorite colors for these Moroccan leather slippers are camel color: It is the color of natural leather (beige), which has been soaked in sun rays. Some people prefer black moroccan slippers, but we also have warmer tones, such as red, orange or yellow moroccan slippers, the main thing is that everyone is happy there.

To make these men's slippers, we use quality natural leathers, treated odorless for the greatest comfort.

Test for yourself the unmatched Babouche-Maroc quality, and of course, you have 365 days to change your mind!

Zizes selection for men's moroccan slippers

Have you found the right pair of men's slippers for you? But now you are puzzled, because you are not sure which size to order for your men's slippers. Customers often ask themselves the question, by what they remember from a stay in Morocco, in Marrakech, where it was necessary to take two sizes above their usual size, at the slippers shop.

Fortunately, with us, all is well, you can recall the good memories of Marrakech, but when it comes to choosing the size of slippers, just take your usual size. Our slippers are right fit. Order your usual size. You don't need to add a size as some will tell you.