Moroccan Transparent Teapot


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Product Description

Magnificent large Moroccan teapot in transparent glass for all your Moroccan tea preparations with mint. Article with an elegant design, to welcome your guests, and especially to impress them around a Moroccan tea.

The advantage of this teapot is that it is possible to see the contents, namely mint and green tea. It is a design and elegant teapot.

This teapot is really ideal for serving tea, and although it is quite possible to use it for brewing tea, as it is made of tempered glass, but it is better to brew your tea in a metal teapot and serve it in a transparent teapot, to keep the glass shiny. But after all, everyone is free to choose their preferences.

It is a teapot large enough, to serve a good number of guests. We could easily serve tea with for 8 to 10 people.

And of course, who says teapot, says tea glasses, so please remember to complete your teapot with pretty Moroccan tea glasses, so that the magic is total.

(Approx. 800ml)