Woman Moroccan Slippers

Women's Slippers (but not necessiraly :))

For you ladies, Babouche Maroc creates unique models of moroccan slippers with original design. Enjoy an incredible choice of colors and sizes. Babouche Maroc is THE boutique, with the largest choice of moroccan slippers ad shoes.
Our slippers are made of high-end leather, supple and odorless.
All of our slippers are handcrafted. Craftsmen spend between one and two hours to assemble a single pair of slippers, without counting the time of preparation and cutting of the leathers, which is to say the greatest care taken in the making of your moroccan slippers.

Women's moroccan slippers size selection:

Regarding the sizes, they are exact fit, so no need to add an extra size, as some would advice. Just order your usual size. And remember, exchange or refund are possible 365 days.

Could men wear women's slippers? 

The majority of our slippers can be worn by women, and by men, so do not hesitate to also consult the Slippers Man category. And if, despite the large choice of colors and sizes available, you can't find what you need, let us know and we will make THE pair of slippers you need.

Remember, the moroccan slippers do not like water!

A little reminder for our dear customers: The number 1 enemy of slippers is water :) So, remember, in order for your leather slippers to last a long happy life, spare them as much as possible from contact with water. But if your moroccan slippers accidentally get wet, you should definitely not wear them. First let them dry in the shade until they are completely dry. Do not put them near a heat source (slippers do not like hot weather neither ...). Then apply a leather nourishing milk or rub them with a cloth soaked in vegetable oil.