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My father introduced me to the art of making moroccan slippers from a very young age. After high studies in blue chip European universities, and after working for internationally renowned consulting firms, I decided to go back to basics, in my country, Morocco.

I knew that the late Papa's footwear manual work deserved to be known worldwide. Today I am proud (and I know he is from where he is) to carry the torch, to be able to share with you, dear customers and friends, these stories of stylish moroccan babouche slippers, which have been passed on from generation to generation for over 900 years, without having changed anything about traditional manual crafting process. Welcome to my kingdom, the kingdom of moroccan slippers!

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More practically, our slippers fit right and are exchangeable during 365 days after order, in case. You can also check our size equivalence guide here

Woman Slippers - embroidered slippers from Morocco

Woman Slippers

Check out our selection of soft moroccan slippers, traditionally made of genuine leather with moroccan stitching...

Men Slippers - Leather slippers from Morocco

Men Slippers

Buy a pair of handmade affordable leather slippers, that combines originality and robustness...

Kids Slippers - Leather slippers from morocco

Kids Slippers

Delight them with a pair of soft sheepskin glitters slippers, or Alibaba babouches, straight from the wonderworld...

Welcome to Babouche-Maroc, Number 1 of Moroccan Slippers in UK, the US and in the world. Here, you will find a large selection of slippers for women, slippers for men and slippers for kids. But don't forget to also browse the different categories of the catalog, by following the "Our catalog" menu at the top of the page, to discover, in addition to moroccan slippers, other unique products of Moroccan decoration and Moroccan art of living. Our offering includes but not limited to, moroccan poufs ottoman, moroccan lighting, moroccan rugs from virgin wool, moroccan leather bags and satchels...

moroccan slippers

Moroccan Slippers by Babouche-Maroc

Who is Babouche Maroc?

Babouche-Maroc.Com reputation making moroccan slippers is well established. Rich of its 12 years history, with more than 30,000 customers, including 80% who placed more than 3 orders, Babouche-Maroc.Com is proud to offer the best Moroccan crafts online. Make your purchases safely on site, and be part of the large circle of' friends.

Our mission: Reinvent moroccan slippers

Witness the reincarnation of Moroccan slippers with Babouche-Maroc. Some may doubt of the medical benefits of the ancient Moroccan shoes called babouches or slippers, but the 10th century’s Moroccan man will tell you that either Aladdin’s favorite shoes’ comfort is just...unpparelled.
The word Babouche comes from French, which in its turn derives from Persian (Papush ie flat shoes). In Moroccan Arabic, we say Balgha. We, at Babouche-Maroc, made the choice of reincarnating this old Moroccan shoe since 2008, and selling it all around the world. Enjoy shopping for your favorite babouche slippers, from Marrakesh, just like if you were at the old city, and get them in 2 days!

Your Moroccan slippers and other crafts Shipped Worldwide

We deliver our moroccan slippers, poufs, leather bags and other Moroccan products all over the world. The delivery rates are very attractive. For more information regarding the delivery of our moroccan slippers, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer you.

Leather slippers: everyday comfort

The moroccan slipper has stood the test of time and the ages. Moroccan slippers continue to be the favorite shoe at home, due to its lightness and the comfort it provides. For more than a quarter of a century, we have not stopped surprising our customers with models of morocan slippers combining style and comfort. All our leather slippers are handcrafted in genuine leather. Do not hesitate to send us your slipper design ideas. Maybe your favorite slippers will be part of our next collection of leather slippers.

Moroccan sandals for summer

Discover the collection of leather sandal, slippers and ballet ballerinas from Babouche Maroc. All models of moroccan low-heel and high-heel slippers, slip-ons and wedge sandals are made by hand, from genuine leather even in the outsole. The design for summer combines lightness and comfort, for the greatest well-being of the feet. We take great care in the choice of colors and materials for the making of these moroccan slippers and sandals, so that they last a long time. Dear Customer, you like moroccan slippers, and you have been letting us know that for years, by eagerly buying our moroccan slippers and sandals. For this, we thank you, and each year offer new models of slippers, rich in color (you will find a large range of tones, from the most common like beige, black and brown, to the most improbable like turquoise, fuschia and metallic leather colors), but always affordable. We strive to improve the comfort and lightness that leather slippers give you every day, by inventing new slippers models, from the low-healed to the high-heeled, and for those who don't like heels, we propose ankle strap berber slippers, flat slippers, or lace-up slippers with either pointed or round toe. We listen to you, your suggestions help us move forward. This year again, we have created unique models of moroccan slippers and sandals, you will wear them and never want to take them off because they are so comfortable.

moroccan leather bags - moroccan bags and satchels

Moroccan genuine leather bags

Discover our selection of moroccan leather satchels. These moroccan leather bags are emblematic of Morocco. With their vintage style, these bags are made of thick leather, often in natural leather color, no dye, just a nourishing oil coat, and a little sun to bring out the brownish color. Are you going to fall for a vintage English-style satchel, a postman satchel or rather a leather backpack? These moroccan leather bags and satchels are hand-sewn, doubly. So you are sure to buy a satchel or leather bag to last for decades. In addition, we offer a 10 year warranty for all leather satchels you buy from us.

moroccan decor vintage pot