Moroccan French Basket

Heart French Basket
Heart French Basket
Beautiful Moroccan basket with glitters pattern in the form of heart. Ideal for the market or beach.
Love french basket
Love French Basket

Beautiful french basket made in Marrakech, where artisans have specialized in decorating the baskets of all color. This basket is filled with sequins in the form of heart. Perfect for the beach or the market.

Star basket
Star Basket
Magnificent fully decorated Moroccan cart glitter of many colors. The decoration of such a basket is a meticulous job that may take several days.
Wicker Basket # 4
Wicker Basket # 4

Basket in doum (palm leaves) from Marrakech, with pretty patterns in wool and sequins, with leather coating to ensure sturdiness.

Where does our Moroccan wicker basket come from?

Essaouira is the Moroccan city of wicker par excellence. The women of this region weave these magnificent Moroccan baskets in beige straw and raffia by hand. Different materials are used for making Moroccan baskets, the main one being woven palm leaves for the braid. The artisans of Marrakech then take care of the leather goods part in black or brown leather in addition to the coating, which consists in adding the embroidered handle, the pompoms, the sequins and the handles and giving them a jovial and multicolored appearance.

Why such a craze for the Moroccan basket?

These Moroccan wicker baskets have several uses, shopping bags for the market, for the picnic, as a beach basket or simply for decoration. It is also a great gift idea.

Square, round or rectangular in shape, this straw basket, ideal for shopping, can be personalized with pompoms, metallic, silver or gold leather, as well as personalized inscriptions in hand-woven wool.

Generally, Moroccan baskets have a detachable lining to protect the inside of the bag.

Moroccan baskets with or without shoulder strap, exist in different formats: The large basket is useful for shopping or as a beach bag, and the small bohemian style bag used as a handbag, for shopping trips. This embroidered ethnic accessory for women will be your best companion.