Moroccan Tea Sets

Excellence Tea Set

Excellence Tea Set

Make a difference with this trendy and original Moroccan tea service. This Moroccan tea set contains a glass teapot with a capacity of 700ml, to admire the green color of mint, a large colorful tray and four tea glasses decorated with golden and silver Moroccan motifs.
Fes Colored Teaset

Fes Colored Teaset

Colorful Moroccan tea service with golden and silver tea glasses. This Moroccan tea set is perfect for serving tea to your guests or for decorating. The Moroccan tea set contains a tray, a teapot and two tea glasses. The capacity of the Moroccan teapot is 3 to 4 tea glasses.
Fes teaset

Fes Teaset

Make your own moroccan tea thanks to this beautiful set of Fes The set contains a teapot and a tray.
Prestige tea set

Prestige Tea Set

Online sale of prestige Moroccan tea service. The tea set contains the Moroccan teapot, the tea tray and the tea glasses. Free delivery

Moroccan tea service: the essential of the kitchen

In a self-respecting kitchen, there are utensils that you need to have. Whether you have an oriental flavor or not, Moroccan tea with fresh mint is a drink known for its virtues for health, but also for its taste which all those who have already visited the brand, keep a very sweet memory and fragrant. Drinking mint tea is always a pleasure.

You will find in this selection different Moroccan tea sets, but you can also compose your own tea set, by choosing your own teapot, tea glasses and tray. We could also add a vial of orange water for the olfactory.

Some (including myself) have had the experience of making Moroccan tea using something other than a Moroccan tea set. On a trip abroad, I didn't have a tea set, so I tried making Moroccan mint tea using a saucepan. I was able to easily get Chinese green tea seeds (rolled up green tea leaves) and mint easily in an oriental market. After heating the au in the pan, I added the green tea seeds, mint and sugar, and let it steep over low heat.

I was finally able to taste my Moroccan tea that I wanted so much, but I can tell you that the result was ... not at all terrible .... In fact, it's crazy, but I never managed to make good Moroccan tea with something other than a Moroccan tea set. Moroccan tea lovers will certainly confirm this to you.

Another thing, I even found that the older the teapot, the better the tea. Maybe that's why an antique teapot is really expensive. In Morocco, Moroccan tea lovers do not buy new teapots, but rather turn to artisan restorers of old teapots like those offered here. Some of these teapots are several generations old, and belonged to nomadic families.

How To Prepare Good Moroccan Tea

Now that you have purchased your Moroccan teapot, old or new, with or without the full Moroccan tea set, you may be wondering how to make Moroccan mint tea. This is a good question, because even though the steps of preparing Moroccan tea are incredibly simple, there are certain crucial details, which will make your Moroccan mint tea excellent or just average.

First of all, you should know that there is no one method of preparing Moroccan mint tea. Moroccan mint tea can be prepared in different ways depending on whether you are in the north of Morocco, the east, the west or the Moroccan Sahara. Moroccan teas are very different from one region to another. In Fez, we like limpid tea, not too sweet but with a lot of mint. In southern Morocco, the tea is of a very dark color, very sweet but with little mint is more tea seeds. It is a rather full-bodied tea.

The preparation of Moroccan tea is also a ritual, we speak of a tea ceremony. Moreover, Moroccan tea, unlike other Moroccan dishes, is not prepared in the kitchen, but (as oddly as it may seem), in the living room. The reason for this is that tea is brewed for a gathering of friends or family, and tea making takes hours, especially in southern Morocco. Moroccan tea in cities like Tiznit or Guelmim is just excellent.

OK, back to our topic, how to prepare Moroccan mint tea? I will give you the standard method, without regional specificities (which will perhaps be the subject of another post). First, you will need a clean teapot, kettle, empty tea glass, tray, green tea seeds, mint and sugar (if you have any).

Heat the water:

First, boil the water in the kettle. IMPORTANT: do not heat the water in the teapot, you risk damaging it with the limestone on the one hand, and on the other hand, your tea will have a dark red color that is not very nice.

Wash the tea seeds:

Put green tea seeds in the teapot, pour boiling water over it, rinse, stir the teapot for 5 to 10 seconds and then pour the liquid into the tea glass that you have set aside. You won't need this liquid which you can throw away. The seeds remain filtered at the bottom of the teapot. No need to use an infuser for Moroccan tea.

Put the ingredients:

Add sugar and boiling water to the teapot. Simmer over very low heat (the minimum). Remove from the heat just before overflowing.

Preparation of mint:

While your tea is simmering quietly, stir in the spearmint which should be fresh, without blackened leaves. Leave to drain, and line up the mint stems horizontally before cutting them in half roughly by twisting them between both hands to release the aroma.

Finalizing the preparation of tea:

Just before the contents of the teapot overflow, remove from the heat. Put the mint leaves, which you will push gently with a small spoon without stirring. Leave the infusions of the aromas of mint and green tea for 5 minutes. Just before tasting your Moroccan tea, mix the tea by pouring it into a glass of tea once or twice, which you put back into the stainless steel teapot. All you have to do is treat your guests to your mint green tea, and it would be even better if accompanied by a good tagine.

Good tasting!