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Texas have their boots, of which they are proud, and Moroccan berber also make their own boots. They are called, Kilim Boots. Some like to call them Kiboots. Those boots are made by berber tribes in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. They are ideal for the cold weather in those mountains, where it snows the whole winter, and temperatures can go below 10 degrees.

Wherever you are in the world, we are proud to bring these berber boots to you. A beautiful blend of Moroccan virgin wool rug, and genuine leather. Those kilim boots are 100% hand made from soft leather, lined inside. The upper of the boots is 100% leather inside and outside in addition to berber handmade wool coating which procure them a unique look.

Each pair of those boots is unique, because the rug is hand woven, and unique. If you buy a pair of those boots, you will be sure nobody on earth will have the exact same pair of boots as you.