Argan oil cosmetics

Argan cosmetic oil 100ml

Argan Cosmetic Oil 100ml

Argan gift pack

Argan Gift Pack

Wonderful argan oil cosmetics pack. An original gift idea. The pack contains: - Bottle of pure argan oil (40ml) - face cream (50ml) - Argan face scrab (125ml) - Night cream (50g) 
Argan Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Argan Moisturizing Cream 50ml

Argan Oil Body Milk

Argan Oil Body Milk

This argan oil-based body milk is specially formulated to nourish and relieve dry skin. In addition, thanks to the benefits of argan oil and its richness in vitamin E, this milk provides an immediate sensation of softness and comfort while protecting the skin from aging.
Argan Oil Slimming 125ml

Argan Oil Slimming 125ml

Argan oil soap

Argan Oil Soap

Black soap with organic argan oil 125g

Black Soap With Organic Argan Oil 125g

Who says Moroccan hammam, says exfoliation, and who says exfoliation, says black soap with exceptional exfoliating power. Want to remove dead cells for smooth, soft skin? Test the natural black soap, with the benefits of organic argan oil, for maximum protection and rejuvenation of your skin.
Feet and hand cream 50ml

Feet And Hand Cream 50ml

The nourishing repairs and protects your hands and your feet to the tips of nails. - Regenerates and protects skin - Smooths and softens - Penetrates quickly Apply with fingertips and massage gently until fully absorbed several times a day and at bedtime.
Lip Balm with Argan Oil

Lip Balm With Argan Oil

Active repair and protective lip balm with argan oil for dry and chapped lips. Harness the restorative power of organic argan oil to naturally protect your lips.
Massage argan oil 125ml

Massage Argan Oil 125ml

Moroccan clay Rhassoul 125ml

Moroccan Clay Rhassoul 125ml

Moroccan Rhassoul or natural clay with degreasing power. The rhassoul is the star of the Moroccan hammam. Buy Moroccan ghassoul online.
The cosmetic oil 40ml

The Cosmetic Oil 40ml

The therapeutic benefits of Argan oil: For external use: - Hair care (smoothness and fortification) - Skin care for dry and wrinkled skins- Articulation pains - Rub to relieve rheumatism For internal use: - A positive impact on liver - Reduces hypertension - Rheumatism - Chronicle deafness

Organic Argan Oil by Babouche-Maroc

History of argan oil

The Argan tree does not date from yesterday. Its origins date back to the Tertiary era, growing in the southwestern regions of Morocco, the only place in the world where it is found. The fruit of the Argan tree contains a fine enclosed in a very hard core and which has an oil content of very high biological and nutritional quality and with multiple virtues (medicinal, cosmetology and dietetics).

Argan oil by Babouche-Maroc

Our line of argan oil-based cosmetic products is 100% organic and paraben-free, and manufactured under the control of the dermo-cosmetic laboratory. We offer cosmetic argan oil in bulk or in small capacity. Our range of argan oil is certified organic by EcoCert.

Identity card of our argan oils

Manufacturing process: First cold pressing, to keep all the benefits, and in particular vitamin E.

Plant extracted: Fruit of the argan tree, selected and not roasted

Function: Cosmetic oil

Quality: 100% natural, pure, virgin argan oil from first cold pressing and without any addition of chemicals.

Type of culture: Wild organic

Country of origin: Morocco

Benefits of cosmetic argan oil

The health benefits of argan oil are proven. As a cosmetic ingredient, argan oil is known for these virtues:

- Toning and softening: It restores suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Weight loss without traces of stretch marks thanks to argan oil. Moroccan women often use it after pregnancy.

- Rich in antioxidants: Argan oil is an oil extremely rich in anti-oxidants. It effectively fights against the signs of skin aging.

- Nourishing and restorative: It helps to regenerate the skin hydrolipidic film.

- Skin protection: Argan oil limits the effects of external aggressions, such as the sun, cold or wind.

Argan oil - Indications:

- Dry skin

- During and after pregnancy to be applied to the body

- Skin with imperfections

- Skin lacking in tone

- Fight against wrinkles, to be applied in the evening


In short, no need for a dozen cosmetic products, argan oil with its natural benefits, is a magic oil, which gently heals and repairs the skin. We guarantee you an organic oil with no additives or chemicals.