Slippers: Popular stories

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Story of two slippers: By Nicole

These were two small slippers. Slippers for two pretty little feet....
Slippers, but slippers of Tafraoute the capital of slippers.
Tafraoute town of the south of Morocco, in the rocks Mountains, in the middle of everything pink at sunset.
Tafraoute in the middle of almonds...
Here lived Ahmed...
Ahmed has always lived in Tafraoute, his father, his grandfather now, and perhaps even his great-grandfather and his great-great grandfather also....
His father manufactured slippers, his grandfather manufactured slippers, his great-grandfather produced slippers and even his great-great grandfather.....
His son Mohamed, also manufactures slippers, the most beautiful of Morocco....
With the sale of slippers, the most beautiful in Morocco, never their stomachs will be “Tafraoute”, which means they will never get hungry...
Ahmed had made two beautiful slippers and black slippers with gold braid!
He worked, worked, his son Mohamed had come to help. He had placed the golden stripes that decorate the small shoes...
Now he was about to land on the shelf alongside other slippers ....
What he did not know, Ahmed, is that these two were not ordinary slippers! First, they talked! Yes, yes, they talked! There was slipper right and left ... looks slipper, said slipper right: I look to you!
-Look, said slipper left I also look to you!
-promise me, "said slipper right, never leave me.
-How will I leave you? Have you ever seen anyone buy one slipper?
-Of course, but promise to always follow me!
-Always follow you? I can not! Once you are in front, the other not, you will be back!
"I would have liked me, be always ahead!
-Bad! Behind, before, how important! said slipper left.
-Try! Do you want? Before, you follow before you am!
-Not very convenient for walking on gravel roads!
-Move on roads! exclaimed slipper right, but we are not ordinary slippers! I will not go on the road! pebbles would harm my shoes! we would have holes because of sharp rocks!
Ah! good, said slipper left which was always agree! And what shall we do?
Small slipper began to dream ....
I wish I'd like ... chausser foot dancer, nimble feet, dancing, go in a garden full of flowers!
-Sens! I already feel the orange blossoms, hibiscus, it is cool under the trees! Above us, stars, the beautiful night sky of the desert!
-From the desert, said slipper left, but it will be hot, sand will penetrate everywhere!
-Think a little, said slipper right, we are in the desert in an oasis, it's party, want a wedding! We are the slippers of the bride, see it as it is beautiful!
Ah! the beautiful life slipper!
Wake-up, said slipper left, is the world, listen!
"I would like slippers, for the marriage of my daughter here, said a gentleman.
Push-up, the slippers, these customers are to us!
We saw the slippers squirm, move forward, turn to be admired, so much so that they no longer living!
-Those, please!
Ahmed took the slippers, wrapped in the pretty paper, made a nice package and gave the girl.
She thanked him a smile and pressed against his heart.
Slippers heard small-toc toc already in the box, a step right, step left .... They began to dance!
Naima it was beautiful! Never, never married was more beautiful!
As soon as she put on his slippers, she felt slight, light, like a bird! she began to dance, fly, run!
These were not ordinary slippers! They were slippers Tafraoute of the capital of slippers!
When the feast was over, Naima, rangea the slippers, but when it takes a little cockroach, when the rocks become Tafraoute all roses in the evening ...
Naima's slippers shoes, she began to dance, to turn to fly ....
Because these are not ordinary slippers are slippers of Tafraoute ... ... ... ... ... the capital of slippers!
The Moroccan slipper:
The Moroccan slippers, shoes tradition and even today holidays are for men, made in colors. The most common are bright yellow, the most popular are the white slippers. However, in response to a need for modernization, new colors (red, brown or gray pearl) occurred while the slipper its stamp craft. The bad language argue that the people of Fez are accustomed to always buy the size below their actual size so they walk on their heels, having a committed part of the foot in the shoe. This story highlights the fact that in this imperial city, the shoe is made for the ornament more than comfort. For women, in particular, the shoe is a real ornament. The women's multicolored slippers are increasingly developed, if not more elegant than slippers men. They have a thick sole less than men and are sewn silk son of brilliant, often gold or silver. Leather to velvet sometimes mixes in the most vivid colors: blue, green, garnet ... and they are frequently combined with long caftans arriving ankles.
The Moroccan slipper is "Balgha for men and Charbil" for women. As pouf, it differs from one region to another by its texture, shape and materials used, so slippers city dwellers are pointed while the peasants have more of a round or square end. Lightweight and convenient, it remains the most footwear reach inside as a slipper.

Poetry of slippers:

It was a small Black Bottom,
Who lived in a slipper
Both were pleased to see
Walking from morning until evening
The slipper around the Black Foot
And in the Black Foot slipper.
The slipper once said "Why
Drag the Black Foot with me?
Walk together what agony! "
It is heavy ... I am slightly
If he wanted to release the locations
Only I walk better.
Once the works slipper
To injure the feet, the pincer,
The tablet, made so many efforts
That the foot with a black horn
And suddenly taking fly
Retired from slipper.
The Black-footed, he fell
Of course in his little shoes
But he continued his route
And most certainly surprised
Was the slipper who did not understand, but given
Black Pied that without it no longer works.

Slippers of Abu Kassem: A Tale of One Thousand and One Nights "narrated by Nora Aceval

There was a merchant in East famous for his avarice: Abu Kassem. Although wealthy, he was wearing the same slippers since his feet were still growing. Stinking and patched on all sides, they were immondes. One day, Abu Kassem went to the hammam. He puts his slippers at the entrance but when the Sultan of his tour, the guardian of the hammam prefer hide immondes slippers. Leaving Abu Kassem is beautiful slippers. Believing that a good engineering went through there, the shoes and leaves. For everyone, the case is clear: the miser flew Sultan. Abu Kassem is thrown into prison. It is obliged to pay dearly for it. Furious against his slippers, it flows into the river. When a fisherman found, it will complain to the Sultan as slippers tore his net. Abou Kassem, again in prison, must pay to exit. When he sought to bury, it is suspected to have found a treasure, and the Sultan convenes again ... Curse? Misfortune? Or just the price of greed? Each interpret this little tale facetious.