moroccan slippers

Welcome To Marrakesh

Witness the reincarnation of the Babouche slipper with Babouche-Maroc. Some may doubt of the medical benefits of the ancient Moroccan shoes called babouche, but the 10th century’s Moroccan man will tell you that Aladdin’s favorite shoes’ comfort is just...unpparelled.
The word Babouche comes from French, which in its turn derives from Persian (Papush ie flat shoes). In Moroccan Arabic, we say Balgha. We, at Babouche-Maroc, made the choice of reincarnating this old Moroccan shoe since 2008, and selling it all around the world. Enjoy shopping for your favorite babouche slippers, from Marrakesh, just like if you were at the old city, and get them in 2 days!

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