Wie pflege ich mein Leder?


Our leather is selected for its quality and flexibility, but also for its good performance over time. Also, it will need just for very little maintenance. Two options available to you, choose one that suits you best:

If you like your shoes clean, you can wax with a soft cloth, then the glaze to give them more shine.
For all those who often have other things to do, a little waterproofing will be largely the case.
The bombs were waterproofing the particularity to prevent rain, but also drag stains and dust. Convenient, fast, but very effective ...

Clean a pair of leather babouche with a soft cloth soaked in beaten egg white snow then luster with a rag wool.

Cleans a pair of leather color babouche by sprinkling talcum powder and then passing over a flannel cloth.
If the bag is very dirty, it spreads over a paste composed of one third of beeswax and 2 thirds of turpentine. Let dry. Rub with a cloth of wool.

Sweet spots
It makes these spots passing over a rag soaked in a mixture of water and alcohol (9 / 10 eau-1/10 alcohol).
Alcoholic beverage stains
It sponge up the drink with tissue paper and then move on the stain a cloth soaked in a mixture half water and half alcohol.
The traces of burns on leather are difficult to eliminate. But if superficial, you can always try to mitigate passing gently above all, a pumice stone, then dabbing with a cloth soaked in oil. It remains only the wax with a damaged leather shoe polish in the same color.
Mud stains
It removes stains leaving them dry and then moving aggressively over a soft brush. On wax. It luster.
candle stains
On scratching gently with a wooden spatula. If the rest of the candle is applied a layer of absorbent paper and then passes over a hot iron and spread the land of Sommières. It is expected overnight. In the morning we brush.

Water stains on a leather bag
It removes water spots with a cotton soaked in cold water added slightly mild soap and then passes on the bag, another moist cotton rinse. Dry then wax with a wax colorless.

Mildew stains on the leather
It eliminates mildew stains on the leather bags by dabbing with a cloth soaked in glycerine.

It stamps stains with a cloth soaked in hot milk boiled or not? Alcohol at 90 degrees. On wax.
If stain resistant, you can spray lacquer hair. Ink on paper towel with a clean cloth when it is diluted. It resumes operation until the complete disappearance of the stain.

Mud stains, tea, coffee
Stamps on the stain with a dry cotton cloth making sure that you moisten the area around the stain to avoid the risk of halo.

Greasy stains
We should not try to remove the greasy stain with water and soap. It is better to sprinkle talcum powder or earthquake Sommières. It is expected several hours and then brush. Repeat if necessary.
If the job is former, it should be warm hair dryer in front of the sprinkle talcum powder or earthquake Sommières.
You can also remove these stains by applying a paste made above of spirits and crushed chalk. When the dough is dry, brush on the dough gently.

Coffee stains

It sponge coffee, then pass a cloth soaked in a mixture half water and half alcohol.
Wax stains