Moroccan kids slippers and Sandals

Sandales Marocaines enfant

Slippers for Kids

Has your child ever worn slippers? no? may be the moment to liit. My son has been wearing slippers since he was young, now he is 7 years old, and he is wearing only that. He loves round sewn Berber slippers or leather flip-flops. For the house, it's perfect, no slippery slippers that do not fit the foot.

Your child and fair trade

By buying her babouches, it's not just a babouche who appears in her little world, but all the magic of the wonderful world of oriental tales of Aladdin and Yasmina. Beyond that, it's also a way to explain to him what fair trade is. Women and men, who work elsewhere, by hand, for hours, to make us pretty shoes peitites.